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Welcome to our website!

Thank you for visiting the Deaf Rainbow UK website. Here, we aim to provide information and resources for Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, along with everyone else! As we all know, the LGBTIQA+ community have endured oppression and harassment for years, and still do. Deaf LGBTIQA+ people are an even smaller minority with an added layer of audism; this lead to the Deaf LGBTIQA+ UK Facebook group, which is still running. A whole bunch of Deaf LGBTIQA+ people got together, and created a website, and now here we are! Find out more about the work we have done so far here.


Deaf Rainbow UK. AGM, Xmas Bingo and Quiz! 16th December 2021. Starts at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm. On Zoom. Do you want to win: Cash prizes, from £50 to 150! 'The Woman I Am', written and signed by Samantha! Book now and take part!

Save the date! We will be hosting our AGM 2021 on Thursday 16th December on Zoom, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

There will also be entertainment which is a quiz and a bingo! We are offering prizes for who those win the games! There will be £50£100 and £150 cash prizes AND three signed copies of the book ‘The Woman I Am’ by the author Samantha herself!!

But first, before our entertainment begins, please expect our annual report from January 2021, a look back at our achievements and a celebration of all the hard work everyone has given.

In order to sign up for the Zoom event, please click on the button below!

Tyron Woolfe will be stepping down as Chair after 3 and a half years and we hope people will consider applying.

This opens nominations of the new Chair. There are also roles for 3 new additional trustees. Fill in the form below to nominate the new Chair or Trustee.

We cannot wait to see as many of you as possible there!

The Queens' English Webinar with Author Chloe O. Davies

On October 24th we were honoured to have a very special discussion with Author Chloe O. Davies on her book ‘The Queens English‘. It’s full of LGBTQ+ words and phrases and much like our LGBTQ+ BSL glossary on our website, it is constantly changing with a new diversity of words being created. Buy the book to experience it yourself.
Watch a playback of the discussion had in our webinar. Sadly due to technology issues there are frozen parts in this clip but the captions are good. Apologies for this. Best parts are at 27:43 and 42:38″
This is in partnership with
Vintage Books and Square Peg Bookshop on this event with Chloe Davis and the queens english.

Our current work

Coming Out Stories

We have launched a range of new coming out stories!

Watch as several members of the  Deaf LGBTIQA+ community share with us their unique story, from a variety of background and identities.

Each story is unique to the person who tells it!

BSL Glossary

You will see various signs across this website that the LGBTQ+ community is currently using. Here are a few for you to familiarise yourselves with with our new and continuously updated LGBT+ BSL Glossary page.

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