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Welcome to our website!

Thank you for visiting the Deaf Rainbow UK website. Here, we aim to provide information and resources for Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, along with everyone else! As we all know, the LGBTIQA+ community have endured oppression and harassment for years, and still do. Deaf LGBTIQA+ people are an even smaller minority with an added layer of audism; this lead to the Deaf LGBTIQA+ UK Facebook group, which is still running. A whole bunch of Deaf LGBTIQA+ people got together, and created a website, and now here we are! Find out more about the work we have done so far here.

The latest from Deaf Rainbow UK…

Domestic Abuse In LGBTQIA+ Relationships

Deaf Rainbow UK has collaborated with SignHealth, a Deaf led charity focused on improving Deaf people’s mental health and wellbeing, to create an informative video in BSL on understanding the power wheel in ensuring healthy LGBTQIA+ relationships. The video was first shown at a workshop at the Deafab & Deaf Rainbow UK weekend in Bristol in June 2022.

If you are seeking counselling services, currently, the best places to seek further advice and support would be SignHealth or Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD).

The Deaf Health Charity SignHealth
RAD – Royal Association for Deaf People

SignHealth has LGBTQIA+ therapists, and nearly all therapists have been trained to work with LGBTQIA+ people, so contact them if you need assistance. SignHealth will work with Deaf Rainbow UK where possible.

SignHealth also has a team who supports and advises Deaf people who have experienced domestic abuse. Text 07800003421 or email

Other Resources

Domestic Abuse in the LGBT Community – SIGNHEALTH 2020 SHORT FILMS

SignHealth also has a video about Domestic Abuse in LGBTQIA+ relationships on their website. Domestic Abuse in the LGBT+ Community

Police Caution

This link is about rights to access in police settings so this can help you know your rights in policing issues. Police Caution – BSL

GALOP support LGBTQIA+ people who have experienced abuse and violence. Email

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline is available through a BSL interpreter. Visit Refuge Domestic Abuse Helpline

Our current work

Coming Out Stories

We have launched a range of new coming out stories!

Watch as several members of the  Deaf LGBTIQA+ community share with us their unique story, from a variety of background and identities.

Each story is unique to the person who tells it!

BSL Glossary

You will see various signs across this website that the LGBTQ+ community is currently using. Here are a few for you to familiarise yourselves with with our new and continuously updated LGBT+ BSL Glossary page. 

Our Committee members

Who are the volunteers on the committee?

Tammy Broksom
Trustee –Davey Nauth
Trustee –
Jamie Rea
Trustee –Chris Coles
About Deaf Rainbow UK

Providing a hub for information and resources for Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, and everyone else!

Charitable number: 1192323

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