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Our Committee members

We started in 2018 as a Facebook group, and later that year the Deaf LGBTIQA+ website was established.  Since then, we have achieved a lot, changed our name to Deaf Rainbow UK and becoming a registered charity in November 2020 which you can find a list of our achievements here. This would not have been possible without our amazing committee and volunteers giving their time to support Deaf Rainbow UK in its’ work.

Chairperson - Paul Welton

I’m Paul and my sign name is ‘cheeky’ because I can be just that, cheeky, so watch out! 😉

I’m Deaf, BSL user and Gay. I came out in 1998 in my mid-twenties while living in Leeds, and I was part of a fantastic Deaf gay community for many years (Yorkshire Riders), who I miss tremendously. I’m originally from Reading but nowadays I live near Bristol on the coast with Wales in my sight. I was educated at a Deaf school in Brighton and I gained a degree in Landscape Architecture in Leeds.  

I don’t claim to be special. I am just an authentic, honest and down-to-earth lad trying to lead a normal life as best as I can. I love to explore Devon and Wales with my camera to absorb the history and beauty we have around us, including landscape, architecture and transport. Want to join me? I also love to relax with a book (believe it not, I have over 1700 books!) and doing a spot of gardening. I can be found on my bike, whizzing about. 

Meeting people is something I enjoy and I tend to make time for my friends including lending an ear to their problems because it is in my nature to care and provide support and this is why I work as a Senior Support Worker and I manage a supported living accommodation for Deaf people. It’s a rewarding job, supporting tenants to become independent and leading their own life. If you ever happen to see me on your travels, do say hello! 

In December 2021 I became Deaf Rainbow UK’s Chairperson and I am honoured to be a part of this unique role because it allows me to support Deaf Rainbow UK and its community over the coming years. This includes working with the brilliant members of the committee to ensure the LGBTQIA+’s ongoing needs are constantly being met. I’m proud of the committee for getting Deaf Rainbow UK to where it is today, so please do check out everyone else’s profiles.

Secretary - Michelle Goodwin

I’m a gay wife and mother from Ireland. I moved to England to be with my wife who I met at a Deaf European LGBTQ+ Camp in 2013. I knew I was gay at the age of 12 but cautiously came out at the age of 14. Amazingly enough I wasn’t bullied at school for my sexuality even though it was the 90s. 

I’m a secondary teacher working in a deaf school where I’m open and supported in terms of my sexuality.

I’m the secretary of Deaf Rainbow UK and I love to volunteer after having being on the committees for Irish Deaf Youth Association and Greenbow, the Irish Deaf LGBTQ+ organisation. 

I enjoy painting, doing zentangle, reading, musical theatre, meeting friends and travelling in my spare time – whenever I have time! 

I’m passionate on making information accessible for Deaf LGBTQ+ people, including organising LGBTQ+ parenting events for DRUK, due to my own experiences of accessibility issues when I went through fertility treatment. 

Treasurer - Arran Masterman

Hello you all, I’m a gay Londoner who has a huge passion for skiing –  I became a BSL ski instructor (and still teaching voluntary in my spare time) and love the madness of travelling the world (39 countries so far!). I am also a very sociable and ‘outdoor’ person, so I love to visit new places, meet new people and try out new food and new experiences.

Since coming out at the age of 18, I have already experienced both marriage and divorce at my young age… still have not reached 30! I previously worked in finance at National Deaf Children’s Society and I now work as an Enablement Officer at the same organisation, working to support young Deaf people and families. 

Since joining Deaf Rainbow UK I have taken on the role of Treasurer. I believe that Deaf Rainbow UK can make a difference in our deaf community and society generally. Also, I would love to meet other people who are LGBTQ+ anywhere – let’s meet and get to know each other.

Social Media - Hannah Evans

Hi I’m a Welsh speaking Deaf queer lady who loves her cats, musical theatre, cycling and gaming.  

I became a part of the Deaf Rainbow Family early 2019 as the social media lead. This provided me with a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of managing an organisational account. Since then Deaf Rainbow has gone from strength to strength! 

Since the age of 19 I’ve lived, studied and worked in London. I attended St Martin’s and Wimbledon University of the Arts, have worked in the NHS, interned at Comic Relief, wrote reviews of restaurants and events and now I’m currently working full time as the Engagement officer at UK Deaf Sports. 

Why am I a part of Deaf Rainbow? It’s because representation matters. Accessing role models and information is now easier than ever and we need to make sure that deaf LGBTQ+ people in the UK can find those role models, info and others like themselves out there and that they’re not alone.

Funding Officer -
Calum Medlock

My sign name is ‘Colour'(!) because I love rainbows and various colours! I am a Deaf gay young man who loves to go out and meet all different kinds of people! BSL is my first language as I grew up using it.

I graduated with a 2.1 in BSc mathematics at University College London. I now own a web design business – I enjoy solving problems that my clients currently experience and helping them achieve their business goals.

I have too many hobbies, but my favourite ones are: playing games, running and going out on adventures!

I joined Deaf Rainbow UK in February 2021 as a board member because I believe in our mission to make a difference in Deaf LGBT+ people’s lives in the UK. I would love to get everyone together regularly to know each other and make lots of friends!

Trustee: Jamie Rea

Jamie is a multidisciplinary artist raised in Northern Ireland and living in Glasgow since 2015. He was a member of the first cohort of students in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s BA Performance in BSL and English, graduating in 2018.. Jamie has progressed his artistic disciplines as a performer, producer and curator, BSL consultant. 

Jamie is gay and gender fluid. He is strongly involvement with Queer Communities as he’s enjoys Vogue; in Glasgow, we have the ballroom community where Queer Scottish people come together and voguing together. Jamie also has a drag persona called Vikki Ryan. Vikki enjoys performing on the stage, signing the songs and bringing the entertainment.  

Since joining Deaf Rainbow Uk, I have taken on the role of Trustee. I believe I can give my support, creativity, thoughts and my network to make bridges everywhere in the U.K.

Trustee - Davey Nauth

My pronouns are cis/he/him. I use Signed Support English and a bit of BSL. I came out as a bisexual at 22 years old but been aware of my interest in girls and boys from the age of 7. After discovering the LGBT+ campaign at my university the rest is history.   

I’ve been involved in various volunteer roles in different organisations including, London Bi Community (committee), London Pride (committee), Biscuits (founder), BiCon (volunteer), Bi Pride UK (trustee), Blanche Nevile Reunion (chair), St John’s Deaf Community Centre (secretary), and now Deaf Rainbow UK (trustee). 

Professionally I’ve worked in IT for a number of years, for colleges, RNID and within the private sector. Then I became a director of the limited company to operate an online retail business. 

I’m sort of nerd and a geek who enjoys technology, gaming, comic-con, cosplay, as well as traveling & exploring places around the world.  

My reason for becoming a trustee for Deaf Rainbow UK is to overlook committees and to ensure every type of deaf LGBT+ person out there (deaf, deafness, cochlear implant, hard of hearing, etc) gets involved and encourage the development of a social network across the UK and around the world.

Trustee: Tammy Broskom

I’m a 3rd generation deaf native BSL user. I grew up in Bradford and now live in Nottingham with my deaf wife and two deaf cats. I came out as a lesbian when I was 21 years old.

Myself, I love making people laugh, I love watching series & films and I love food with good company – I’m a foodie! Also I love shopping till drop! I’m a sociable and caring person which ties into my role as a support worker for 18 years.

I have experience at being involved in organisations on the board level with various deaf clubs and am still one now, and at an interpreter agency. Previously has been with secretary for deaf football clubs/ local community.

I used to lead the annual Deaf Sisters event with two other women, organising a yearly weekend meet up for deaf lesbians in the UK. 

My aim is to develop more activities for queer women and also grassroots / youth, especially for midlands / north communities. Developing a social meet up for deaf queer women in the UK once again.

Trustee: Chris Coles

I’m from Wales and I’m gay. I use both Spoken English and British Sign Language. I knew I was gay since secondary school but came out a little later when I was 20 back in 2003.

My passion is fashion, I’ve worked in the fashion industry for a number of years before changing my profession to management work. Most days you’re likely to find me on the high street, shopping around for fashion and eating out at wonderful restaurants. I also enjoy cooking and can easily make a delicious dessert at the drop of a hat.

When Deaf Cymru Pride started in Wales, I started to take an active interest in contributing my time to LGBTQIA organisations. Working with them was a great opportunity in creating accessible information and events for the Deaf Community. I wanted to expand on this so I volunteered myself to Deaf Rainbow UK committee hoping I will help to build a better future, especially for young deaf LGBT+.


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Save the date! We have scheduled our next AGM on 26th November 2022. It will be a face-to-face event, but it also will be live-streamed for anyone who cannot attend onsite! The location and timing are not confirmed yet. More information to come soon! #deaflgbt #drukagm2022 ... See MoreSee Less
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We only got 15 free weekend tickets left! Please grab free tickets for yourself before it is all gone! To get your free tickets, please email #deafcommunity #deafcymrupride #pride2022 #prideweekend ... See MoreSee Less
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Deaf Rainbow UK
Deaf Cymru Pride have 50 free weekend tickets to give out to the Deaf community!! But it is first come first serve which means only first 50 people request free tickets will have one. If you are interested in having free tickets then please email us! E: #deafcymrupride #pride2022 #deafcommunity #deafculture #Pride ... See MoreSee Less
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Deaf Rainbow UK
We would like to ask your help with something. It's important that we spread the word about the charity, to ensure more people out there are aware of Deaf Rainbow UK. You can share our social media and website with your friends, family and work colleagues.The more we reach out to people, the more we can make people aware that we are here to support the Deaf LGBT+ community. Thank you! #deaf #lgbt #DeafLGBT ... See MoreSee Less
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