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Our Committee members

We started in 2018 as a Facebook group, and later that year the Deaf LGBTIQA+ website was established.  Since then, we have achieved a lot, changed our name to Deaf Rainbow UK and becoming a registered charity in November 2020 which you can find a list of our achievements here. This would not have been possible without our amazing committee and volunteers giving their time to support Deaf Rainbow UK in its’ work.

Chairperson - Tyron Woolfe

I am gay, my pronouns are he/him, and I use British Sign Language.  I came out at the age of 17 back in 1991 and of course times have changed since.  

I have been the Chairperson since the beginning of Deaf Rainbow UK back in 2018. 

I am currently the Executive Director (maternity cover) for Deafinitely Theatre.

I have worked at Consortium, the charity that supports LGBT groups across the UK on an Intersectionality Fund development project.

I have been a trustee of the following; Greenwich Students Union, Signhealth, Royal Association for the Deaf and the British Deaf Association

I love musical theatre and being with friends and family. I also love travelling.

The reason I do this role is that I am passionate that every individual in the UK who is Deaf and LGBTQ+ gets the support, representation and information that they, and I,  deserve.

Secretary - Michelle Goodwin

I’m a gay wife and mother from Ireland. I moved to England to be with my wife who I met at a Deaf European LGBTQ+ Camp in 2013. I knew I was gay at the age of 12 but cautiously came out at the age of 14. Amazingly enough I wasn’t bullied at school for my sexuality even though it was the 90s. 

I’m a secondary teacher working in a deaf school where I’m open and supported in terms of my sexuality.

I’m the secretary of Deaf Rainbow UK and I love to volunteer after having being on the committees for Irish Deaf Youth Association and Greenbow, the Irish Deaf LGBTQ+ organisation. 

I enjoy painting, doing zentangle, reading, musical theatre, meeting friends and travelling in my spare time – whenever I have time! 

I’m passionate on making information accessible for Deaf LGBTQ+ people, including organising LGBTQ+ parenting events for DRUK, due to my own experiences of accessibility issues when I went through fertility treatment. 

Treasurer - Arran Masterman

Hello you all, I’m a gay Londoner who has a huge passion for skiing –  I became a BSL ski instructor (and still teaching voluntary in my spare time) and love the madness of travelling the world (39 countries so far!). I am also a very sociable and ‘outdoor’ person, so I love to visit new places, meet new people and try out new food and new experiences.

Since coming out at the age of 18, I have already experienced both marriage and divorce at my young age… still have not reached 30! I previously worked in finance at National Deaf Children’s Society and I now work as an Enablement Officer at the same organisation, working to support young Deaf people and families. 

Since joining Deaf Rainbow UK I have taken on the role of Treasurer. I believe that Deaf Rainbow UK can make a difference in our deaf community and society generally. Also, I would love to meet other people who are LGBTQ+ anywhere – let’s meet and get to know each other.

Social Media - Hannah Evans

Hi I’m a Welsh speaking Deaf queer lady who loves her cats, musical theatre, cycling and gaming.

I became a part of the Deaf Rainbow Family early 2019 as the social media lead. This provided me with a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of managing an organisational account. Since then Deaf Rainbow has gone from strength to strength!

Since the age of 19 I’ve lived, studied and worked in London. I attended St Martin’s and Wimbledon University of the Arts, have worked in the NHS, interned at Comic Relief, wrote reviews of restaurants and events and now I’m currently working full time as the Engagement officer at UK Deaf Sports.

Why am I a part of Deaf Rainbow? It’s because representation matters. Accessing role models and information is now easier than ever and we need to make sure that deaf LGBTQ+ people in the UK can find those role models, info and others like themselves out there and that they’re not alone.

Funding Officer -
Calum Medlock

My sign name is ‘Colour'(!) because I love rainbows and various colours! I am a Deaf gay young man who loves to go out and meet all different kinds of people! BSL is my first language as I grew up using it.

I used to be a student at University College London (UCL) reading mathematics, and I graduated with a 2.1 in BSc! I ran a student society called UCL Sign Language Society to teach hearing students how to sign.

I have too many hobbies, but my favourite ones are: playing the Sims, swimming and going out on adventures!

I joined Deaf Rainbow UK in February 2021 as a board member because I believe in our mission to make a difference in Deaf LGBT+ people’s lives in the UK. I, one day, would love to get everyone together to know each other and make lots of friends!


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Deaf Lgbtiqa
Spirit day is an international campaign established to campaign the heartbreakingly disproportionately bullying rates in LGBTQ youth. Why don’t you go purple with us today in a worldwide stand against bullying! #spiritday #antibullying #lgbtq #purple #deaf ...
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4 days ago

Deaf Lgbtiqa
Wednesday the 20th October represents international pronoun day. Today stands for respect, dignity, sharing and education about personal pronouns. A pronoun is used to describe the way we identify or refer to someone as. Common pronouns you may be familiar with are he/she/they/them, or even it for objects. But it doesn’t end there, there are also a range of gender neutral terms such as they/zem/xe/xem. Gender neutral pronouns are used when the person being referred to doesn’t associate themselves with a specified gender. Gender is a spectrum, and not everyone feels comfortable with the gender assigned to them when they were born. Never assume anyone’s gender, and remember it’s never impolite to ask someone for their preferred pronounsWhy don’t you take the lead and use the Instagram feature to update your pronouns today! Not only will this encourage others to do the same, but it will make pronouns a more common topic in order to raise awareness and make everywhere a safer space.#internationalpronounday #awarenessdays #awareness #lgbtq ...
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2 weeks ago

Deaf Lgbtiqa
Timeline PhotosCurator Jamie Rea hosting a Q&A with filmmakers Teresa Garratty and David Ellington, with BSL-English interpreter Lisa to the right. They are looking at Jamie, who is signing, and laughing. ...
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2 weeks ago

Deaf Lgbtiqa
Happy National coming out day! Coming out is uniquely personal to everyone. With each story and experiences told being different from each other. Check out the range of unique coming out stories of those in the Deaf LGBT+ on our website to watch! #nationalcomingoutday #comingout #nationalcomingoutday🌈 ...
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