#ReclaimPride 2021

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Watch the full version of the #ReclaimPride film 24th July in London with extra interviews and footage on the DIVA Magazine YouTube channel.

 #ReclaimPride was organised by and sponsored from within the LGBTQI+ community by: Peter Tatchell Foundation DIVA Magazine UK Black Pride London Trans Pride Lesbian Visibility Week Stand Up to LGBTQ+ Hate Crime Despite a terrible weather forecast, thousands turned up to #ReclaimPride as a political demonstration and protest, as well as a celebration of the LGBTQI+ community’s amazing diversity.

Find out more about the true history of LGBQTI+ protest in Christopher Amos’ amazing, gripping film re-examining 50 years of Peter Tatchell’s groundbreaking work. Its a film everyone should see. Streaming now on Netflix. See https://www.tatchellmovie.com