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The journey to becoming who you are as a transgender or non-binary person is challenging and emotional with many steps to achieve. 

Perhaps you need to know how to change your name? Or maybe you are a trans man who needs a cervical screening (smear test) but is not getting invited to the test? 

We have created some resources for you to help ease your journey to your true self so you can achieve gender euphoria!

Tell us what resources you need, what you hope to see on this website? Tell us if the resources here have been useful for you, or how they could be better?  Email us on

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Changing Your Name

For many trans women, men, and non-binary people, one part of your journey may be to pick a new name that fits who you are better. Now that you have found the perfect name, the next thing is to change your name legally.

Googling for information on how to change your name can be confusing. So many websites want you to pay too, which is wrong as a name changing deed poll is FREE to get!

All of the information you need to know is here. We have created a deed poll template for you to use that meets all of the rules. So, all you need to do is add some information about yourself – your old and new names and your address. Make sure to follow the instructions.

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Right To An Interpreter

As Deaf people, we are used to services refusing to provide a BSL interpreter, lipspeaker, or speech to text translator. A private Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) might refuse to provide a BSL interpreter when you ask for one too. 

NHS GIC ought to be aware of the rule on providing interpreters as they are part of the NHS even if you have to push for it. 

Private GIC might not be familiar with your rights as a Deaf person. You may need to explain that you have the right to an interpreter under the Equality Act 2010 that protects you as a disabled person. They should be familiar with the Equality Act 2010 because gender has rights too. So, the letter template we wrote is simple and should be enough to inform GIC of their responsibility regarding interpreters. 

Please let us know at if the letter helped. If not, what else do you think we need to add to the letter?

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Complain About Titles

Many non-binary people use non-gender pronouns (they/them or neopronouns) and use a gender-neutral title like Mx because that feel right for you. So, to be called by the wrong title, for example – Mrs or Mr, on a letter can hurt because that is not who you are. 

Maybe you were excited about buying something special, and you put in your details for delivery. You find that you must choose a title from a list, but there is no gender-neutral title Mx to pick. Your excitement disappears because you have to misgender yourself.

Nobody should feel like this. 

Do complain about the lack of a gender-neutral title out there. We have created a template that you can use to complain.

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We would like to thank Geordi, a Deaf Trans Non-Binary volunteer, for their contributions to this resource page.

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