Collabs and Works

The Queens' English Webinar with Author Chloe O. Davis

On 24th October 2022, we were honored to have a very special discussion with author Chloe O. Davies on her book ‘The Queen’s English‘. It’s full of LGBTIQA+ words and phrases, and much like our LGBTIQA+ BSL glossary on our website, it is constantly changing with a new diversity of words being created.

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Legal Workshop

The legal workshop on 19th May 2021 – thanks to Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) – with information from Slaterheelis on marriage, family law, etc., with BSL interpreters.

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Brother and Sisters Club History

Brothers and Sisters Club History (Thanks to RAD) – a conversation with Gerard Mary Maguire and June Smith – captioned by Stagetext.

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British Deaf Association (BDA) – BSL Blethers

A chat with BSL Blethers about LGBTIQA+ and Deaf Rainbow UK.

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MET Police

LGBTIQA+ History with Superintendent Daniel Ivey from Met Police (Thanks to RAD).

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Hate Crime

Hate Crime with PC Pete Trueman 2181WA (Thanks to RAD)
Hate Crime Coordinator and Faith Liaison Officer – Partnership and Prevention (WA).

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Talk by Ubaid Rehman

Talk by Ubaid Rehman, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at College of Policing Experience as a Deafened Asian Gay Male (thanks to RAD).

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