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Coming out stories

This is a new collection of Coming Out Stories videos, where you can watch several members of the  Deaf LGBTIQA+ community to showcase and recognise the diversity of our community by sharing stories from a variety of background and identities. Each story is unique to the person who tells it!

 This would not have been possible without our gracious funders below.

There's more!

We know there are so many stories out there – we never stop coming out, as we move through life and meet new people. Everyone has their own stories, and we want to provide a platform to share it all. You can watch the coming out stories that were originally shared to the Deaf LGBTIQA+ Facebook group, and on our original website, here!

If you have stories to share, please get in touch with us here!

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About Deaf Rainbow UK

 Information and resources out there for the LGBT+ community are not accessible to those who are deaf. We aim to change that. This lead to the creation of Deaf Rainbow UK (formely Deaf LGBTQ+) by the deaf LGBTQ+ community to educate and provide accessible information.

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