Parenting Pathways

Fertility Choices

The webinar was hosted by Michelle Goodwin of Deaf Rainbow UK along with Oxford fertility and The LGBT mummies tribe, who will be going over all the different options and information out there.

We also have a deaf lesbian woman sharing with us their personal experience of going through fertility treatments.

Published 28/05/2021

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What Is Surrogacy?

The webinar was hosted by Michelle Goodwin of Deaf LGBTIQA along with Brilliant Beginnings UK and our favourite Deaf Dads Sam and Matthew Calder-Bray from the instagram account @twodeafdads.

Brilliant Beginnings UK will talk about surrogacy information in the UK, and the NGA Law which is a legal firm that deals with surrogacy law and will explain the legal side of surrogacy.

Then Sam and Matthew will share with us their personal surrogacy journey.

Published 29/07/2020

Adoption & Fostering Webinar

Seminar Starts at the 5.20 mark in the video.

Michelle Goodwin from Deaf Rainbow UK hosted an Adoption & Fostering Webinar with Tor Docherty, the CEO from New Family Social on the 14th of May.

Tor gave out information about the process involved for any Deaf LGBTIQA+ persons who are thinking of fostering and adoption. Also included in the webinar was a deaf person (via a relay interpreter) who will tell the story of their own adoption process, how they found the process along with dealing with communication barriers throughout.

It’s very informative so make sure to have a watch.

Published 03/06/2020