Deafab – Chairperson’s Announcement

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Chairperson’s Statement

Hello, I’m Paul. I’m the Chairperson for Deaf Rainbow UK. I’m here to make an official announcement regarding Deafab. Deafab has been running for 10 years and was run by Richard Carter and lan Glover. They both have worked extremely hard to set up weekend events across the UK in locations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol etc. A huge well done to them.

Recently, they both let me know that they both will be sadly stepping down from Deafab and for Deafab to officially close. Will it be really closed? No, don’t worry! I’ve been thinking about how important Deafab was because I feel it was your safe space where you can meet other Deaf LGBT+ people. To get together, chat, meet new faces and old faces.

I talked to Richard and lan and we all came to an agreement which I’m happy to announce: Deaf Rainbow UK will take over Deafab. Hooray! What does this mean for us? It means that Deaf Rainbow UK will run Deafab every year. I feel that it’s important for Deafab to continue because it’s YOUR safe space. It’s an opportunity to meet other people. The Deaf LGBT+ community is really important for those who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-binary and so many more.

I just want to clarify – Deaf Rainbow UK will still be running as usual. Deaf Rainbow UK will still be focusing on providing information, support, guidance, setting up workshops and campaigning. Deafab will be run as a branch under Deaf Rainbow UK and will be focusing on events. It’s a really exciting time for us all which means we can continue with Deafab and preserve its legacy and make it even bigger. We aim to bring the community closer together. It’s all really exciting! Thank you.

Feedback on Deafab

Recently, we’ve had the Deafab event in Bristol run by both Deafab and Deaf Rainbow UK in collaboration. It was a full weekend of drinks, meals, entertainment, workshops and sightseeing in Bristol. It was amazing and the feedback we recieved were amazing and positive.

Did you go? If you did, could you send us a message to let us know how you felt it went for you? What was good and what was bad? What areas did you think needed changing?

You can either type your feedback or video yourself signing and send it to us on social media. I hope to hear from you. Thank you!