Gender Identity Short Film

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Gender Identity Short Film

This is a video we created to support people questioning their gender identity. Sponsored by the LGBT+ Futures: National Emergencies Trust Fund.

Having access to treatments and support makes all the difference to anyone questioning or going through transition. Here’s a short video we created with Consortium to show that journey.

Here’s a word from the Executive producer of the film, Samantha Pearsall:

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work on this video, and I am very proud that this will support many D/deaf transgender individuals who have experienced struggles with their gender identity. I’m also very honoured to have worked with the most talented short filmmaker – Teresa Garratty. To all those who have participated in this video, you should all be so proud of your input. I would like to extend my thanks to Deaf Rainbow UK. May our vital mission continue 😊

Special thanks to:

Jo Payne & Marcus A.Pabon-Lara