Happy Pride Month 2022!

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At Deaf Rainbow UK, it’s always Pride Month all year round but it feels good to say it: Happy Pride Month! We’re also excited to see you in Bristol if you’re going to celebrate Deafab with us! Also, make sure to show that extra love and appreciation to all the wonderful LGBT+ charities and organisations out there!

Pride in London

We will attend London’s 50th anniversary Pride Parade on 2nd July 2022! Application to join our march is now closed but if you’d like to support us and everyone else, you can do the following:

For more details about Pride in London 2022, visit https://prideinlondon.org/

SignVideo Pride Month Collaboration

If you haven’t seen it already, we have collaborated with SignVideo to provide tips from our community in enabling organisations and businesses to support Pride and diversity throughout the year. Have a look at the video below!

Tips as summarised from the video above:

  • All of your brands and advertisements need to be inclusive of all aspects of people’s diversity.
  • Don’t show your commitment to the Pride just for the month, but throughout the year instead.
  • Your LGBTIQA+ policies should be visible to every employee and customer.
  • Your company should organise an LGBTIQA+ workshop for everyone to learn and understand.
  • Organise a fundraising event for a local LGBTIQA+ charity. They will always need money for resources, education, events and so many more.

Throughout this month, SignVideo will be releasing various videos on their social media. We will also publish them on our website for people to view in many years to come. Watch this space!

Other resources

Also, don’t forget that we have BSL Glossary available here if you want to learn about the LGBTIQA+ vocabulary in sign language.

If you’re an LGBTIQA+ charity and wondering about how to make your event accessible for Deaf people, we also already have written our page on this explaining how to make it accessible.