Help Improve LGBTQ+ Signs with Deaf Rainbow UK and DCAL

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We and DCAL are working together to make the BSL Glossary better, especially for LGBTQ+ signs. And we need your help!

We want to know what LGBTQ+ words you think should have a sign. We also want to know if there are any signs in the LGBTQ+ BSL Glossary that you think need to be better.

If you join in, you might win a £25 voucher. We are giving six vouchers to people chosen randomly.

To share your thoughts, click on this link: LGBTQ+ BSL Survey

Please remember to send in your opinions before 16:00 on August 26th.

So, think about what words and signs are important to you, then take part in the survey.

This project wants to make sure that anything about you involves you. Your opinion is very important. Help them make the BSL Glossary the best it can be for the LGBTQ+ community.