Latest Updates and Exciting News for 2023!

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Please watch the video announcement or read the transcript below for a message from Paul, the Chairperson of Deaf Rainbow UK. In the video, Paul gives an update on recent developments and upcoming events of the charity.


Hello, I’m Paul. I’m the Chairperson for Deaf Rainbow UK. I’m here to quickly update you all on what’s been happening recently and what’s about to come.

Thank you all who came to our AGM event in November where we talked about what we achieved in one year as well as our plans for the future. I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, don’t worry as we have put it on our website in a report. Also, the video clips of us signing information is on there.

In the AGM, we covered a few things. The first was that we needed to refurbish our website. It needed updating, tweaking and making sure it was fully accessible for everyone. We’ve now achieved that! Have you looked on our website? Another good news that it is now mobile phone friendly. Please have a look and do feedback if there’s any changes you think we should make. We are still working on it to ensure it is fully accessible and also to have the right information you all want.

In the AGM, we also announced two new events that are coming back; Deafab and Deaf Sisters. Details will be announced on social media shortly as the date and location has been confirmed. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you won’t miss the opportunity to book the dates in the diary and also to buy the tickets. Exciting times ooh!

In other news, we have to sadly let you know that one of our Trustees Jamie Rea has decided recently to step out of his role and has now officially left. He has left due to work commitments as he found it difficult to find time to support our charity. I want to thank Jamie for his time and support he has given to the charity until now.

We are looking for a new person who can join us with experience of fundraising. This person has to have experience of knowing how to gather and raise money to support our charity such as through grants applications, encouraging donations, setting up events to raise money like a Marathon or skydiving etc. Do you feel you could help us with this and to raise money? Please get in touch!

We are also planning to go to different events such as Deaf Day in London in April and Norfolk Deaf Festival in July, There are also many more to come. Thank you for watching. I will be back soon with more updates, bye!