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The Queens’ English Webinar with Author Chloe O. Davies

On October 24th we were honoured to have a very special discussion with Author Chloe O. Davies on her book ‘The Queens English‘. It’s full of LGBTQ+ words and phrases and much like our LGBTQ+ BSL glossary on our website, it is constantly changing with a new diversity of words being created. 

Watch a playback of the discussion had in our webinar above with ‘The queens’ English’ Author Chloe O. Davis re use of language in LGBTIQA communities as well as British Sign Language. Sadly due to technology issues there are frozen parts in this clip but the captions are good. Apologies for this. Best parts are at 27:43 and 42:38″

Thank you to Chloe once again for your amazing contributions. You can buy the book here or on Amazon.

This is in partnership withVintage Books and Square Peg Bookshop on this event with Chloe Davis and the queens english.